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Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Azuremyst Isle
Capital The Exodar
Leader(s) Nobundo
Classes Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Assassin, Warden
Alignment Lawful good
Homeworld Argus
Language(s) Draenei

Broken (aka Broken draenei) are a subrace of draenei featured in the Warcraft series. They are devolved because of exposure to fel energies that orc warlocks are responsible for. Broken are primarily members of the Alliance, but many are neutral.


Though the draenei were thought by many to have been completely wiped out by the orcs' genocide, Illidan and his forces discovered a surviving village in Outland during their flight from Azeroth. Their inhabitants, ruled by Akama, swore allegiance to Illidan in return for his liberating them from orcish and demonic oppression. Having been corrupted by demonic influences, they lost some of their former draenei abilities, and their already Broken forms were further altered, causing them to become the subrace known as the Broken draenei.

It is unknown how many Broken draenei are in Outland, though there are several groups not serving Akama. Nobundo is a notable Broken draenei shaman, though he is not a follower of Akama. A number of Broken draenei serve as laborers in a crystal mine beneath the Exodar, and appear to be loyal to Velen. It was speculated that this was evidence of prejudice on the part of the uncorrupted draenei, but this could be a case of physical tolerance.

While they are referred to as "Broken", even by themselves, many, including Akama himself, still consider themselves draenei. Some are trying to find a cure to return them to their original forms. The Broken draenei are renowned for being unbeatable spies and assassins, as their warriors can Shadowmeld regardless of the time of day and even while moving. Interestingly, their feet are still cloven.


Broken resemble the draenei. However, they possess a shriveled, broken face. The Broken have glowing blue eyes like the draenei and the same hair colors.


Broken culture is the same as draenei culture.

Trivia & NotesEdit


  • Many players want broken to be a playable subrace in World of Warcraft.
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