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Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Isle of Ruins
Capital Isle of Ruins
Leader(s) Mutoh
Classes Warrior
Alignment True neutral
Homeworld Unnamed world
Language(s) Hylian

Cobble are a race featured in the Legend of Zelda series. They are humans that lived in the Cobble Kingdom.


Situated on the Isle of Ruins, the island was likely named this after the Cobble Kingdom crumbled, the Cobble Kingdom was ruled by King Mutoh. To keep peace within the kingdom, Mutoh named four mighty warriors, Brant, Bremeur, Doylan, and Max, the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom.

Before the events involving in Phantom Hourglass, the Cobble Kingdom vanished into obscurity. No explanation on this is ever given, but when Link visits the Isle of Ruins he finds the remains of the kingdom, Mutoh's Temple, hidden below the surface of the water on the island. When Link obtains the King's Key from the ghost of Doylan, he is able to lower the water level and enter Mutoh's Temple. Here, he encounters and slays Eox, a gargantuan stone golem that is disturbing King Mutoh's slumber in the afterlife. Once Link does this, the ghost of King Mutoh gives him the Pure Metal, Aquanine, needed to forge the Phantom Sword that is needed to ultimately slay Bellum.

The Cobble race once ruled a large portion of the World of the Ocean King.


The Cobble had tan skin and black eyes. The men were muscular and the women were slender. Cobble hair colors were usually dark.


The Cobble were expert architects, constructing the pyramids and tombs on the Isle of Ruins and the mechanical creation Eox that Link battles inside Mutoh's Temple. The Cobble people were likely excellent swordsmiths as well, as Zauz tells of how his ancestors would forge Swords to defend the Ocean King against great evil.

The Cobble people were also excellent engineers, able to build massive pyramids and elaborate tombs. It is also believe that were prophetic, as they are gifted with powers of premonition.

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