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Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Valenwood
Capital Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Classes Warrior
Alignment True neutral
Homeworld Nirn
Language(s) Daedric, Altmeri

Imga are a race featured in the Elder Scrolls series. They are ape-like humanoids.


The Imga commonly view Altmer as their superiors and view their society with high esteem. Imga are known to try to emulate their Altmer masters by wearing capes, duelling with swords and attempting to speak with dialect that presents perfect enunciation and courtly manners despite their heavy and baritone voices. Some Imga who desperately want to imitate their overlords are known to shave their bodies and powder their skin white to appear more like the Altmer. In doing this, they often accidentally cut themselves in the process. However, the prophet Marukh was an Imga who did not share the beliefs of his fellow Great Apes; in fact, Marukh apparently despised all Mer (elves).

mga refer to each other with gentry affiliated titles such as Baron, Duke, or Earl when addressing members of the Thalmor, despite not having any actual holdings of their own. Instead, Imga are normally known to take up refuge in old human trading posts of the Reman Empire that have long since been abandoned. Despite their use of old human trading posts as shelter, Imga seem to normally believe that humans are lesser beings than themselves and, in order to show this, pretend that humans smell bad when in their presence by holding a perfumed corner of their capes to their noses. Whether or not Imga still hold these anti-human beliefs is unknown, but some more recent sources seem to show them working with humans without any issues.

Imga are known to be naturally dexterous and can quickly climb through trees with relative ease. For this reason, colonies of Imga are known to annually harvest Kollopi from the precarious Graht-oak, a well-known Valenwood delicacy. Imga are considered by some to be idiotic and baboonish, often noted to grin everywhere they go. It is currently unknown how the reproductive system of the Imga works.


Imga appear as humanoid apes.

Trivia & NotesEdit


  • Imga are believed to have lived in Valenwood prior to the Aldmer intervention.
  • The Imgakin, small monkeys, may have some relation with the Imga.
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