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Ka Po' Tun
Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Akavir
Capital Unknown
Leader(s) Tosh Raka
Classes Warrior
Alignment True neutral
Homeworld Nirn
Language(s) Akaviri

Ka Po' Tun are a race featured in the Elder Scrolls series. They are a race of tiger-like humanoids.


After the Tsaesci consumed all the men on Akavir, they attempted to consume all the dragons. The red dragons were all killed but the black dragons fled to Po'Tun. Since then, the tiger people have attempted to transform into dragons themselves. Their leader, Tosh Raka, is the only one known to have successfully done so. The Ka'Po'Tun have recently allied with the Monkey People of Tang Mo to fight the Tsaesci. According to the book, Tosh Raka desired to invade Tamriel itself after defeating the Tsaesci.


They are described as being tiger-like cat folk, possibly similar in appearance to the Khajiit. It has been speculated that they are similar to Khajiit in appearance (with stripes instead of spots), but closer to an Orsimer or Nord in abilities.


Little is known about Ko Po' Tun culture. They may worship dragons, since they hold them with such high esteem.

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