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Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Hyrule (Primarily)
Capital None
Leader(s) Ganondorf
Classes N/A
Alignment Lawful evil
Homeworld Unnamed World
Language(s) Hylian

Moblins are a race featured in the Legend of Zelda series. They are the muscles of Ganondorf's army, often serving as foot soldiers.


Downfall Era

Moblins served Ganondorf's army and originally lived in the Dark World. They were described as "Ganon's underlings", and seeked to defeat Link.

Some years later, the Moblin continued to serve Ganondorf's army during this era. They were commonly found in wooded areas. Despite the fact that most served Ganondorf, some Moblins would hide in caves, giving Link rupees.

Not long after, the Moblins still remain in Hyrule. They strictly serve Ganondorf, despite him being deceased. Not much changed, as they still lived in wooded areas, caves and around bridges.

Moblins appear on Koholint Island, a region created by Link in a dream. However, in the dream they were led by King Moblin and dwelled as a horde, in a secret hideout. During the dream, two types of Moblins existed: a type living in the woods and a type living in the mountains.

Later, the Moblins continue causing trouble for Link. They were led by the Great Moblin in these times. Link was actually able to transform into one with a Moblin Ring.

Child Era

Moblins are recruited into Ganondorf's army at some point during Link's seven years of slumber. They were seen inhabiting the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods, just before the Forest Temple.

What happens to the Moblins in this era, following Ganondorf's defeat is unknown.

Four Swords Era

Moblins do not serve Ganondorf in this era and instead are independent. A newsletters stated that defeating one will reward the victor with good income.

Adult Era

Moblin are seen serving Ganondorf once again. Their base of operations is the Forsaken Fortress, the remnants of Gerudo Desert above the ocean. Bokoblin and Miniblin worked closely with them. They display far better combat in this era.

A single Moblin named Moe, fell in love with Maggie, a girl from Windfall Island. The two exchanged love letters in secret.

Moblins are not seen in New Hyrule or the World of the Ocean King, it is assumed they were either all killed off (in this era) or simply went their own ways.


Moblins are large, muscular pig-like or porcupine humanoids. Their skin colors include: brown, red, blue and orange. They typically have red or black eyes.

Trivia & Notes


  • Moblins are unintelligent.