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Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Eldin Volcano
Capital Fire Sanctuary
Leader(s) Guld
Classes None
Alignment Neutral good
Homeworld Unnamed world
Language(s) Hylian

Mogmas are a race featured in the Legend of Zelda series. They are a race of subterranean, mole-like humanoids.


When Link arrives at Eldin Volcano, he learns that Bokoblins are invading Mogma villages, and he must get rid of them in order to enter the temple. After Link defeats a colony of Bokoblins for Tyto, he gives the young hero the Digging Mitts in gratitude. When Link arrives at the Earth Temple, he overhears Ledd and Cobal talking about a key that will open the gate to the temple, but the key had been broken into five pieces and hidden by Bokoblins. As Link requires the key to enter the temple, he must use Fi's dowsing abilities to find the pieces and dig them up.


Mogma are mole-like humanoid creatures who excel at tunneling. They are often seen with only their torso protruding from a hole they surface from. Their long, clawed arms are used for digging, while their legs are short, possibly because they predominantly move by digging with their front limbs rather than walking. Mogma sometimes balance on their tails and hands rather than standing on their hind legs. Despite being fully capable of digging through dirt with bare claws, many Mogma also utilize metal tipped gloves in order to break through harder substances, such as rock, as well to defend from subterranean predators.


Little is known about Mogma culture. They are highly civilized and live in tribes. Mogna are also honorable, always honoring debts. However, despite the fact that the Mogmas are honorable, they are greedy, enjoying Rupees and other treasures.

Trivia & NotesEdit


  • Mogmas have not been seen in the present [Adult] era in the Legend of Zelda series.
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