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Noble eladrin
Classification Humanoid/Celestial
Homeland(s) Arvandor


Capital Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Classes Various
Alignment Lawful good
Homeworld Toril
Language(s) Elven

Noble eladrin are a subrace of eladrin featured in the Forgotten Realms series. They are powerful beings who have become so infused with the power of the Feywild that they have become entirely new creatures, taking on aspects of the seasons and other natural phenomena.


Noble eladrin are powerful archfey of comparative strength to demon princes or archdevils, and who are most commonly found in the Feywild or celestial planes, particularly Arvandor and Gates of the Moon. Like most eladrin, noble eladrin are almost always free-spirited and noble individuals, whose power often reflects the seasons and other natural phenomena.


Noble eladrin look almost identical to regular eladrin, but are differentiated in a few small ways- such as their eyes, which are opaque orbs of solid color- or the aura of radiance they emit from their bodies. Noble eladrin have a few notable abilities that differentiate them from their mortal kin. For instance, many noble eladrin have a bodily resistance to the effects of both extreme cold and extreme heat, much like other celestials, and all have a powerful resistance to the effects of positive energy. Noble eladrin also generally have the ability to speak in any language they please, with an ability similar to the tongues spell and unlike typical eladrin, some are believed to have the capacity to see in conditions absent of visible light, in a manner similar to drow. Most noble eladrin, however, have vision of the same quality and range as other eladrin.


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