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Pale orc
Classification Humanoid
Homeland(s) Nagrand (Alternate Universe)
Capital The Underpale (Alternate Universe)
Leader(s) Cho'gall (Alternate Universe)
Classes N/A
Alignment Chaotic evil
Homeworld Draenor
Language(s) Orcish

Pale orcs are a subrace of sickly and deformed orcs featured in the Warcraft series. They are entirely independent.


Pale orcs are fallen orcs that despise all that is good and holy. They are deformed, sickly orcs that are defined by visibly pale skin and glowing eyes, who lived on Draenor before its destruction. The pale orcs draw on the power of K'ure and Cho'gall says they are the key to subjugating him. Cho'gall, referred to as "the master", has taught the Pale how to use the Void and through it enslave elementals.


When young orc shaman from around the world come of age, they make a pilgrimage to the Throne of Elements to seek the blessings of the elemental spirits. The entire journey is filled with risk, but the ceremony itself is the most dangerous time of an orc’s life. It’s not clear what happens to those who are not strong enough and succumb to terrible visions and unearthly whispers during what should be the triumph of their young life. Those orcs who fall to the otherworldly voices flee their clan and become the Pale, withered remains of their former selves, hiding from the light and babbling incoherently in dark caves. Are they truly insane, or have they actually made contact with a malevolent force? The answers may lie in the twisting caverns beneath Nagrand, where some of the largest colonies of Pale linger and speak cryptic warnings.

Following Cho'gall's siphoning of K'ure's power, he led the Pale to attack Highmaul.

The Destruction of DraenorEdit

Following the destruction of Draenor and the formation of the Outland, the pale orcs' ultimate fate is unknown. It is possible they died off, went extinct, or simply vanished elsewhere.


Pale orcs have pale gray, sometimes white skin and glowing blue eyes. They often appear as if they're crawling or crouching. Since the pale orcs are sickly and deformed, they have very skinny builds.


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