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Classification Undead
Homeland(s) Hyrule (Primarily)
Capital Various graveyards
Leader(s) None
Classes None
Alignment Neutral evil
Homeworld Unnamed World
Language(s) Hylian

Poes are an undead race featured in the Legend of Zelda series. They are ghost-like spirits of the deceased who hate the world.


Poes are wandering spirits that frequently inhabit haunted or decaying areas, such as graveyards and tombs. The lanterns they carry contain their souls. When a Poe is defeated, its physical body disappears and its lantern is dropped and breaks, sometimes releasing its soul, which may be collected. These souls are important and usually wanted by merchants or traders. As ghosts, Poes can disappear and reappear as part of their strategy, and can easily move through walls. Most Poes are known for being wicked, vengeful spirits, however some Poes are helpful and serve as guides, although not without their deceitful trickery.


Poe appear as cloaked specters and are always seen carrying lanterns with them. Their cloaks vary, often being light colors. Poes faces cannot be seen and appear as pure black. They have long, carrot-like noses and feintly glowing eyes. Poe eye colors often glow white, orange, light green or blue.

Trivia & NotesEdit


  • The famous Composer Brothers were two members of the Royal Family of Hyrule that became Poe upon their deaths.
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