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Tainted orc
Classification Humanoid/Demon
Homeland(s) Durotar
Capital Orgrimmar (Horde)
Leader(s) Thrall (Horde)

Sargeras (Burning Legion)

Classes Warrior, Barbarian, Berserker
Alignment Chaotic neutral, Chaotic evil
Homeworld Draenor
Language(s) Orcish, Eredun

Tainted orcs are a subrace of orcs corrupted by demonic energy featured in the Warcraft series. They drank Mannoroth's blood, which therefore tainted them. The tainted orcs are members of the Horde, but some remain loyal to the Burning Legion.


After their defeat in the Second War, most orcs suffered from a lethargy produced from the withdrawal of the demonic forces. Thrall, an uncorrupted orc, was able to rekindle their original shamanistic ways, and many of them threw off the shackles of demonic influence and now strive to recover their lost heritage. During the Third War, Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth, thus breaking the bond that kept the tainted orcs corrupted. From then on, tainted orcs were able to return to their original ways. However, some orcs remain under the thrall of the Burning Legion by their own decision, to the point where they are twisted into mockeries of their former selves. Fel orcs are the ultimate step in being corrupted by demonic energies.


Orcs appear to other races as a barbaric and brutal people, but they are proud and noble in their way. Those subject to demonic taint give vent to their brutish ways, however. A tainted orc can channel his warrior fury to become truly fearsome in combat.

This creature looks much like an orc but of massive size, standing perhaps 8 feet tall. Its green skin is mottled with gray and its dark hair hangs in thick tangles. Its eyes shine with a crazed, savage light, the color of blood.



  • The tainted orcs' current status remain unclear. Some are likely still part of the Horde and the Burning Legion.
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