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Classification Humanoid/Undead
Homeland(s) Northrend
Capital Icecrown Citadel
Leader(s) The Lich King
Classes Warrior, Sorcerer, Witch doctor
Alignment Chaotic evil
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Vrykul

Vargul are a subrace of undead vrykul featured in the Warcraft series. They are members of the Scourge.


Vargul have been raised into a lesser form of undeath because they were not found worthy by the Lich King. They are the losers of the challenge to "ascend" at Jotunheim. The winners are named ymirjar. They are changed by val'kyr after their failure.

Unlike other undead, they appear to retain some level of intelligence, and consequently many resent their fate. Thus the major difference between vargul and lesser undead minions is that vargul still possess enough of their minds to despise being used for labor. Never will a vargul be pleased to be working aside skeletons or ghouls.


Vargul are undead and rotting vrykul. Their skin colors usually range from a pale gray to a brownish to a blue to a black. Vargul eye colors are always glowing orange. Though most vargul still have flesh, some appear skeletal. Their hair colors are also usually dark, or gray colors to signify due to them being undead.

Trivia & NotesEdit


  • Though most vargul are aligned with the Scourge, some of them branch off and become independent. This is usually a rare case.
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